has just come off the press. It has an attractive four-colors laminated cover, and is written in a simple, nontechnical language that the average reader can understand.

Millions of viewers of Mel Gibson’s THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST are led to believe that the movie faithfully portrays the Gospels’ accounts of Christ’s Passion. This popular perception is fostered not only by Gibson’s claims regarding the biblical accuracy of his movie, but also by the endorsements of popular preachers, who promote the movie as a biblical masterpiece.

These claims are grossly inaccurate. This investigation, as well as studies done by respected Catholic and Protestant scholars, clearly shows that The Passion of the Christ is strictly a Catholic movie, largely based on Catholic legends and superstitious beliefs foreign to the Bible. Distinctive Catholic beliefs are embedded in the movie.

Unfortunately, most moviegoers do not have the knowledge necessary to distinguish between biblical facts about The Passion and superstitious Catholic legends. They respond to the movie emotionally rather than rationally. It is this concern that motivated the author to write this book.

This book has two major objectives. The first is to provide the information necessary to help people distinguish between what is biblical and what is unbiblical in Gibson’s portrayal of Christ’s Passion.

The second objective is to help Christians of all persuasions more fully appreciate the centrality, necessity, and achievements of the Cross. May a thoughtful reading of this book lead many people to appreciate more fully the Passion of Christ as His passionate love to redeem us from the penalty (Gal 3:13) and the power of sin (Titus 2:14) through His sacrificial death.

A massive distribution of this timely book can help countless people who have viewed Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, to recognize the deceptive Catholic teachings embedded in the movie as well as to appreciate more fully the biblical meaning of Christ’s sufferings and death.

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